Jess & Kyle Get Married

Welcome guests, family and friends, to Rusted Earth Farm for this momentous occasion!

It is wonderful that so many were able to be here.

The bride and groom would like to thank you for your presence and your support and they would like each of you to know that you were invited here today because you played an integral part in their intertwining lives.

As they have grown separately and together, you have had occasion to be their rocks.

Some of you were supportive boulders, others helpful stepping stones on the trail, but you’re all rocks.

Together, all of you rocks, the people who have supported Jessica and Kyle, have traveled here to be their rocks on this day. May you cherish it forever.

You all rock!

[It was requested in advance that all guests bring a rock from their home to the ceremony]



This is the story, all about how
Their lives got flipped, turned upside down
I’d like to take a moment, just sit there still
I’ll tell how they became
The Prince and Princess of Asheville.

What you know is, we are gathered here together in this special place – this personality-filled farm – to witness the ceremony of two lives becoming one.

What you may not know is that you’re a part of a BIG ADVENTURE!

The adventure started when Jessica Lynn Sanchez and Kyle Bradley Guie met in Pennsylvania, shared interests, explored each other, fell in love and set out for the mountains of North Carolina.

Two lives that were adventurous individuals have become an adventurous team, sharing a dream, making a reality.

What is the lesson here?
How is this different that other weddings we have attended?
What can we learn from these two young people on a great adventure?

Life is short.
But life can also be long.

When you lack inspiration, motivation and a destination…
Life lacks purpose.
Life lacks meaning.

Create your purpose and LIVE IT!

That’s what these two have done and it will make all the difference.

What is an adventure?

Adventure is life!

It is making something that has never been made.
Things that are useful and beautiful.

It is creating ambitious goals.
Setting your sights high and to never stop climbing for them.

It is striking out into the unknown.
Ignoring fear and doubt and building optimism.

It is building a home where you want it.
Because you are drawn to a place and a culture.

It is deciding to share your life.
With the person you love, forever.

That is an adventure.

THIS is an adventure!

It is easy to do nothing, play it safe, stay where you were planted and not take a chance.
But the life worth living isn’t easy.
Going on a grand adventure isn’t easy.

Adventure is going beyond your comfort zone, pushing your limits to do something notable, memorable and amazing.

Let these good people, young Kyle and young Jess, be your guides as you go forth.

Because they are doing adventure correctly!
They are living right!
And henceforth they do it together, as man and wife.

Everyone, remember them as you go about your own big adventures!

Earlier we reflected on how you have been rocks for these two as they grew to this point in their lives. Besides encouraging you to love your adventure, I also encourage you to continue to be those rocks for Jessica and Kyle, and for one another. Support them on their adventures, support each other and may you receive the support required for your own adventure!

Kyle and Jessica invited you to bring a rock from your home to the farm. Following the ceremony they ask that you place those rocks here– in the place where they were married– as a symbol of your presence today and that they might think of their eclectic collection of friends and family whenever then look at this eclectic collection of rocks… every day, on the farm.

September 3, 2016

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