Filled with Inspiration

You took one dose of fun and you turned it around
when you opened up your mouth and you bled on the ground,
take the first ride out but close your eyes
i’m the cold, cold heart underneath your skies

someone new took the heat for all we think
sliced fingernail trails in her lawyer’s cheek,
my friends all said you was just a disease
when my fever broke, i dropped to my knees,
some sweet mothers hold my head in circulation,
i am filled with inspiration…

your walk through the valley just disgusted the sun
dreams wave you in to show you what you’ve done,
I’m gonna run away from you and change my name
the good can’t leave until they’re all the same

the ring on your finger is a sign of distress
you hustle dark figures in the wilderness,
with or without you gonna hunt it down
you choked the bride to be in her wedding gown,
two tight girls fill my breath with such frustration,
i am filled with inspiration…

the key to your pain is your bad attitude
5000 men photographed you in the nude,
sometimes sweat makes you move, makes you move too slow
two stiff drinks there ain’t no place you won’t go

burning in the trees is your source of pleasure
hidden in your chest is a maniac’s treasure,
two rotten girls aren’t part of the deal
one bad idea makes your tires squeal,
the teacher whispered in your ear a tempting invitation,
i am filled with inspiration…

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