Suppose you’re right…

You there, dressing your young son up in a robe and hood. Let’s just say you’re right and your race is superior to the others. Let’s assume that as a fact for a moment.

If it were true you would have no reason to denigrate the others. The superior mind would realize that uplifting the inferior is in the collective’s best interest. If you’re really superior you would have no reason to brag about it. The superior mind is humble and helpful, not small and hateful. Even if more melanin in your skin somehow made you inferior, a truly superior group or individual would find no pride in it, understanding– by the definition of superiority– that there is no benefit to treating others poorly, boasting publicly about your skin color or wearing robes and hoods to hide it under. If you really are superior you’d uplift the inferior but, at the very least, you would do is nothing because you’d be above it. You’d be superior.

If you’re superior there is no action to be taken.

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