No Action 2: FLAT EARTH

Suppose you’re right…

You there, posting your theories and trying to convince the entire Internet. Let’s just say you’re right and the Earth really is flat. Let’s assume that’s a fact for a moment.

If it were true that the Earth were flat, you would have no reason to convince anyone. Whether flat or round the Earth has been as it always was and proclaiming it one shape over another isn’t making any difference to anyone. If the Earth is flat gravity still works the same on both sides and the edge just as if it were spherical. Whether the Earth is flat or round, orbital rotation around the sun is as it is and always was. So are the tides. So is the moon’s rotation around the Earth. So, let’s agree you’re right and the Earth is flat and all move on with our lives. If the Earth really were flat you’d sit back and enjoy your superior intellect or, at the very least, you would do nothing because there’s nothing to do..

If the Earth is flat there is no action that needs to be taken.

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