Product Writing Test

As a sideline I often write copy for others. To obtain one such gig I had to pass a test wherein the instruction was to write about this product– a hot tea infuser shaped like the Star Wars Death Star with the following features and benefits:
– Officially licensed Lucasfilm™ collectible
– Single cup tea infuser
– Molded to look like the Death Star
– Fill with loose leaf tea
– Stainless Steel
– Dishwasher safe

My knowledge of Nerdcore is limited but the result was successful:


Finally, you don’t have to be a Jedi to brew the perfect cup of tea. Long ago, right here in our galaxy– third century China to be exact– brewing and drinking tea on this planet first became popular. In fact, Hua T’o, a physician of the time wrote, Yoda-like, “to drink bitter t’u constantly makes one think better.” The force was strong in the old doc and t’u became tea, the most celebrated beverage on Earth. There was little advancement in the art of steeping tea until the onset of the infuser in the early 1900s when no respectable British household would be without one.

Centuries later, Vader’s Death Star brings tea-lovers new hope! An imposing stainless steel sphere features evenly distributed openings that let hot water in and steeped brew out into a universe of aromatic flavor. Simply place your favorite variety of loose tea into the core of the battle station and the alliance of boiling water will do the rest.

Drink up and restore freedom to the galaxy!


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