Let’s accept reality

The reality is
there is a faction of our countrymen who passionately believe in the 45th President of the United States. Those of us that don’t need to accept that reality.

Now, no matter how much you adore Trump, can’t you attempt to grasp any one of four very evident realities that are very bad for the future of this country?

1. Trumpism will only ever be interested in serving less than half the populace.

2. Trumpism attempted a coup to install a dictator.

3. Trumpism promotes, embraces, or at least accepts social chaos or anarchy.

4. Trumpism is demonstratively good at engendering enthusiasm and bad at problem solving.

Any one, on its own, disqualifies the former president from support of people who really care about the country.

No matter how much you love the man (who, by the way, lost a free and fair election), moving in a new political direction is rational, sensible and the best move for the health and safety of American society.

If this were a CEO or Head NFL coach he would have been ousted on the first or second dust-up. The juice (if you believe there is any) just isn’t worth the squeeze.

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