Kissing History

somewhere there’s a field of flowers,
a man stands in the middle and paints
somewhere there’s a day of hours,
who do i have left to thank

simple things that once possessed me,
now i turn my back on them,
simple people that once blessed me
i was so much smarter then

falling off the river and…
swimming in the fire and…
dancing with tomorrow and,
kissing history

falling in the fire man,
dancing in the river and…
swimming to tomorrow and…
kissing history

the days don’t know that they are numbered
the years don’t know that they are marked,
seconds suck the life out of me
daylight always turns to dark

i remember the things you told me
about the pain that you’ve endured,
i misplaced the image you gave me
all the details time has blurred

going up the mountain and…
rushing to the writing and…
dimming all the lighting and,
kissing history

crawling toward the thunder and…
slipping past the turnstiles and…
running with the devil and,
kissing history.

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